High Style and Tech Savvy with Costume Designer Jane Janiger

by moviestar couture on June 5, 2013

E64st is Costume Designer Jane Janiger’s newest line of leather handbags, computer cases, and iPhone carriers of modern day. High Style and Tech Savvy

Costume designer Jane Janiger has  seen all types of trends, from the big hair of the 80s, the sultry slink of soap opera seduction of the late 90s, to the styles of today’s tweens and teens, Janiger’s worked through it all.  Costume designing such hit shows as the Jonas brothers’ “Jonas”, NBC’s hit soap “Passions” and the primetime hit “Falcon Crest,” Jane Janiger has a history of costuming for the decades, including the trends of today.

Designed by Hollywood: What was it like working on such an iconic show like “Falcon Crest”?

Jane Janiger: My first job! It was wonderful! I was lucky enough to form lifelong friendships with many of the actors and producers. I loved doing clothing for the up-scale world of Sonoma Vintners. Also, I loved the 3 months in Napa for 4 seasons.

How different was costuming in the ’80s than for modern shows like “Passions”?

Costuming in the 80s was different just because the industry was different. In the 80s you were very well respected for the job you were hired to do, as well as your contribution to the “team.” That whole concept was out the window by the time “Passions” came along. I did enjoy the actors, though—a lot of wonderful people. But overall “Passions” was mostly fantasy clothing, as well as upscale clothing— both styles were a lot of fun to work with.

How did you get your start as a costume designer?

I started designing textiles, in NYC, after I graduated from college. I decided to move to LA a couple of years later, only to find that there was very little design work that originated in LA. This was the late 1970′s. After doing freelance work out of my little apartment, I was able to get my days to get into Local 705, the Motion Picture Costumers Local. And 10 years later, I joined the Costume Design Guild.

When did you start working with the leather you use for E64ST?

The E64st line was originally conceived around marine and industrial vinyls, leather came later. After working with marine vinyls for a few months, I was constantly getting requests for leather. I’ve been working with leather for about six months now.

What are your favorite pieces to work on?

I like to do simple, functional bags with bright contrasting colored linings. Simple and happy!


Where is your favorite getaway place?
My favorite place to go is home at E64ST NYC!


You can find Jane’s shop and products from E64ST at Designed by Hollywood here.

To see Jane’s costume designer credits go to IMDb.

Filmography links and data courtesy of IMDb.

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