"Wilfred" set costumer Carlie Tracey's Ch*Armz on set

Carlie Tracey’s Ch*Armz

by admin on May 28, 2013

“Are You There, Chelsea” and “Wilfred” set costumer Carlie Tracey has started her own line of fashion accessories for women. Ch*Armz are part shrug and part sleeves that total up to one cute creation. “The idea came to me out of frustration one morning as I tried to get dressed. I had just bought a [...]


“Iced Mice” by Costume Designer Erin Lareau

by moviestar couture on May 2, 2009

Featured as Object of Desire – InStyle and Wired, “Iced Mice” are paved in Twelve hundred individually handset gem-cut crystals.
Each mouse is numbered and signed by the artist.

“Tiny Chairs” Objets de Fantasie

by moviestar couture on May 2, 2009

Magical Tiny chairs for parties, weddings…as special invitations.
Chic business card holder, Photo holder for your desk.

Entering the mesmerizing world of costume designer Erin Topaz Lareau, is like a visual feast of art, glamour, and sparkling colorful reflections, beaming from her “Objets de Fantasie”.

The demise of the plastic grocery bag – BYOB Please!

by moviestar couture on February 14, 2009

BYOB, the trend that will hopefully stay.
Soon at the grocery store, instead of asking us paper or plastic?
They’ll ask BYOB?

J’adore Isadore!

by moviestar couture on March 22, 2007

I just love this tote bag by Costume Designer Karan Feder. The Isadore Tote Bag, is witty,  fashionable,  a great conversation piece, it fits all my goodies, and looks great with my new black pants. If you want it, run, because they are flying! And flying fast! Get it at Karan Feder