Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is registration required to make a purchase?


Yes, you need to be a registered user to make a purchase.  Once you are a registered user, Sign In, and you'll be directed to your account.  In your account you can keep your wish list and contact the Sellers with any questions you might have about their products.

Q: What type of payments do you accept?


We currently only accept  PayPal as our secure payment processor.

You do not need to have a PayPal account to make a purchase. You can pay with your credit card on the PayPal site.

Q: I never received the product I purchased, who do I contact?


You need to contact the Seller directly. which you can do through the Designed By Hollywood site. There could be a delay in shipping, or if it's a personalized item, there may be more time involved in the fullfilment of your product.

If you are having problems contacting the Seller, please drop us an email, and we'll work with the Seller to solve your query.

Q: I would like to sell my products here, how do I get a shop?


Designed by Hollywood® is by invitation only. Please refer to our Shop Owners Faqs page to find out how to get invited.

Q: What if the question I have is not answered here?


Please refer all your other questions to our support team, at, or go to our Contact Us  page.